How have rental prices in Berlin developed compared to the previous year? How much does a square meter cost in the individual districts and neighborhoods? Is it worth buying rather than renting an apartment or house in the long term? The answers to all these questions can only be found here!

Rent Price Development Berlin 2011-2023

The housing shortage and the increasing demand for housing is a well-known problem in Berlin, which every year anew causes discussions between citizens, tenants' associations, property managers and brokers as well as local politics.

The price difference is most noticeable in the various apartment sizes. Smaller apartments of 30m2 are more sought-after and therefore much more expensive per square meter on average than larger apartments. For example, the rental price in 2022 for a 30m2 apartment was €18.44 per square meter. A 60m2 or 100m2 apartment, by comparison, was just about €14.46 or €15.08 per square meter.

The average local comparative rent in Berlin 2023 is €24.81 per square meter.

Rental Price Development per Square Meter in Berlin from 2011-2022
Rental Price Development in Berlin from 2011-2022

Rent index Berlin 2022 table

Rent index Berlin 2023 Table
Rental Price Development by Apartment Size in Berlin and Germany from 2011-2022

Note: The rent indexes available at are not compiled or recognized by the municipalities or stakeholders, but are based solely on an evaluation of the real estate portal based on the listed rental apartments. Since each apartment differs in terms of year of construction, residential location and amenities, the rent indices are not a basis for an exact calculation of the rent per square meter, but only a guide. Please contact your municipality to find out the actual and recognized rent index for calculating the exact price per square meter for your apartment.

Apartments for rent in Berlin

Apartments are still the most sought-after residential property. Accordingly, rents in Berlin's districts are also high. The cold rents are above the national average. Currently (as of January 2023), the average rent for a 30m2 apartment in Berlin is around €28.10 per square meter. Since small apartments are particularly sought-after by singles, apartments of this size are the most expensive in Berlin.

The situation is somewhat more favorable for somewhat larger apartments. For example, a 60m2 apartment in Berlin 2023 costs an average of €23.88 per square meter and a 100m2 apartment around €20.50 per square meter. So if you prefer something a little more spacious, you can sometimes get away with a lower price, depending on the location and district.

With a rent of quite reasonable €11.64 per square meter, you get by far the cheapest living space in all of Berlin in the Hellersdorf district in the Marzahn-Hellersdorf borough. The counterpart as by far the most expensive spot in Berlin - and no, it's not Mitte - is the Oberschöneweide district in the Treptow-Köpenick district, which costs a staggering €35.70 (!). But you're in the middle of the countryside, which is nice.

How much rent can I afford? The question of all questions. Our guide will give you the answer, including simple sample calculations.

Rental price overview

The rental prices (per square meter) in the individual Berlin districts:

(Legend: The darker the green marking, the higher the rent per square meter).

Rental prices of 5 popular districts to live in Berlin

1. rent index Berlin Mitte: with 28,03€ per square meter Mitte belongs to one of the most expensive districts of Berlin

Features: 24 hour entertainment, lots of shopping and center for art, culture and politics.

2. Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: €26.20 - €26.71

Features: Lively and walking residential area with some parks and entertainment options. Very varied gastronomy

3. Berlin Charlottenburg: €25.08 per square meter

Features: Home of the Ku'damm and thus lively neighborhood with many shopping opportunities, diverse gastronomy & beautiful old buildings.

4. Berlin Wedding: €23.89 per square meter

Features: suitable for families, cheaper & quieter residential area

5. Berlin Köpenick-Treptow: €19.79 - €28.62 per square meter

Features: quiet residential area with lots of forest and water areas for recreation. Especially suitable for families & seniors. In our Guide: Living in Berlin Köpenick you will find more information to help you decide.

Are you currently looking for an apartment in Berlin? Then find out everything you need to know on our comprehensive guide to renting an apartment in Berlin.

Average rent in Berlin districts in 2023

All other Berlin districts from A-Z:

Adlershof: 27,73 € perm2

Alt-Hohenschönhausen: 15,28 € perm2

Altglienicke: 15,27 € perm2

Biesdorf: 22,19 € perm2

Bohnsdorf: 22,48 € perm2

Britz: 17,72 € perm2

Book: 18,18 € perm2

Buckow: 15,40 € perm2

Dahlem: 31,75 € perm2

French: 13,93 € perm2

Friedenau: 20,024 € perm2

Friedrichsfelde: 26,40 € perm2

Friedrichshagen: 15,73 € perm2

Frohnau: 15,64 € perm2

Grünau: 19,53 € perm2

Grunewald: 20,99 € perm2

Haselhorst: 16,44 € perm2

Heiligensee: 19,68 € perm2

Heinersdorf: 20,41 € perm2

Hellersdorf: 11,64 € perm2

Hermsdorf: 14,97 € perm2

Johannisthal: 16,96 € perm2

Karlshorst: 18,48 € perm2

Karow: 14,70 € perm2

Kaulsdorf: 14,99 € perm2

Konradshöhe: 17,93 € perm2

Lankwitz: 20,09 € perm2

Lichtenberg: 20,13 € perm2

Lichtenrade: 17,66 € perm2

Lichterfelde: 16,68 € perm2

Mahlsdorf: 18,61 € perm2

Mariendorf: 20,03 € perm2

Marienfelde: 25,18 € perm2

Marzahn: 18,94 € perm2

Moabit: 15,18 € perm2

Neu-Hohenschönhausen: 13,48 € perm2

Neukölln: 20,54 € perm2

Niederschöneweide: 19,37 € perm2

Niederschönhausen: 22,26 € perm2

Nikolassee: 17,00 € perm2

Oberschöneweide: 35,70 € perm2

Pankow: 21,72 € perm2

Plänterwald: 23,98 € perm2

Prenzlauer Berg: 25,77 € perm2

Rahnsdorf: 18,45 € perm2

Reinickendorf: €18.83 perm2

Rosenthal: 17,61 € perm2

Rudow: 14,40 € perm2

Rummelsburg: 15,87 € perm2

Schmargendorf: 27,93 € perm2

Schmöckwitz: 18,39 € perm2

Schöneberg 22,22 € perm2

Siemensstadt: 19,00 € perm2

Spandau: 17,48 € perm2

Staaken: 16,15 € perm2

Steglitz: 18,14 € perm2

Tegel: 18,58 € perm2

Tempelhof: 20,26 € perm2

Zoo 25,00 € perm2

Waidmannslust: 19,26 € perm2

Wannsee: 17,62 € perm2

Weissensee: 15,20 € perm2

Wilmersdorf: 25,75 € perm2

Wittenau: 17,44 € perm2

Zehlendorf: 17,18 € perm2

Price per square meter for houses in Berlin

Even though apartments are by far the most popular residential property, houses are also becoming increasingly popular - especially when there is a new generation on the doorstep and living space is becoming too tight. The rent for a house in Berlin is below the national average. Currently (as of January 2023), the average rent for a 100m2 house in Berlin is around €17.89 per square meter. The larger the house, the higher the rental prices, it seems. Because, for 50 square meters more, you pay just under €0.40 more per square meter - €18.25. The price per square meter for a 200m2 house is €19.67.

A house for rent can currently be found cheapest in Müggelheim for €12.32 per square meter. Speaking of renting: How about buying a house instead of renting? The average purchase price for a house in Berlin is currently around €5,521.21 per square meter. Compared to the purchase price per square meter for an apartment, that's just under €800 (!) less - €795.57. That's a tidy saving and pays off in the long run.

Summary of the 2022 rent index

We looked at average rents by district and came up with a decent price difference of €32.82 per square meter between the cheapest district, Hellersdorf, where the square meter costs €10.95, and the most expensive district, Oberschöneweide in the Treptow-Köpenick district, where the square meter costs a hefty €43.77.

💶 How expensive is rent in Berlin?

On average, the square meter in Berlin costs €24.81. Depending on the district and residential location, the rent per square meter can vary.

📊 Where in Berlin is it cheapest?

The cheapest place to live in Berlin is Hellersdorf.

📈 How have rents developed in Berlin?

Compared with the previous year, rents per square meter have risen. In some districts, the price has risen more significantly, in other districts only slightly or not at all.

🏠Which rent index applies in Berlin?

The Berlin rent index is determined annually by the Senate Department for Urban Development, Construction and Housing.


Image source: Pexels

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